Melusine Series

Melusine's Great Bird Adventure Series

Melusine: Birds of Many Feathers (Book 1) is a picture book for children ages 4 to 8. Melusine is a young birder who discovers the diversity of her world through birds.

Her quest is to find a mysterious bird with an unusual bird song. Along the way,  she meets a variety of people and birds. Melusine realizes that she is as unique as the mysterious bird in her quest and that each person, each bird, has a special voice that makes them distinct and even extraordinary.


Melusine's Great Bird Adventure Series

Melusine: Birds of Many Feathers is not your typical birding adventure. It’s a story about biodiversity, human diversity, multilingualism, multiculturalism, outdoor play, exploration and curiosity.

This book also helps families foster conversations with their children about acceptance and belonging.

This story paints a picture of the actual world we live in with people who look different, sound different, and even speak different languages.

Geraldine Oades-Sese, Ph.D.

Child Psychologist, Author

Birding is a wonderful activity that can teach everyday life skills. It’s all the things I teach my clients in my office – coping skills, grounding skills, meditation, building resilience. When you’re birding all these essential skills are automatic and natural.


The Importance of Multicultural Children’s Books

Learning Goals

Melusine: Birds of Many Feathers covers multiple areas of learning including:

Diversity in Birding, Why It Matters

My Mission

Our mission is to create stories to inspire children to embrace who they are and the unique and colorful people around them. Each story aims to cultivate your child’s appreciation for diversity and elevate social-emotional learning, mental health, science knowledge, and language skills.

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kindness, and adventurous spirit to kids around the world.

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